11 de desembre 2008

Steven Chu, secretari d'Energia del govern Obama

Steven Chu, premi Nobel de Física i gran defensor de les energies
renovables, serà el secretari d'Energia del govern Obama.

Energy secretary pick argues for new fuel sources
By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press
WASHINGTON – Steven Chu, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who is
President-elect Barack Obama's choice for energy secretary, has been a
vocal advocate for more research into alternative energy, arguing that
a shift away from fossil fuels is essential to combat global warming.
Chu, a Chinese-American who currently is director of the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory in California, has in recent years
campaigned to bring together a cross-section of scientific disciplines
to find ways to counter climate change.
If action is not taken now to stop global warming, it may be too late,
he argues.
Since 2004, Chu has been director of the Berkeley lab, the oldest of
the Energy Department's national laboratories, with its 4,000
employees and a budget of $650 million. The laboratory does only
unclassified work and under Chu has been a center of research into
biofuels and solar energy technologies. He is a former head of the
physics department at Stanford University. Chu, 60, brings additional
diversity to the Obama cabinet.