11 de desembre 2008

Can Science Help to Solve The Economic Crisis

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nord-americanes però és que sovint s'escolten coses més atractives i
intel·ligents a l'altra banda de l'Atlàntic)

By Mike Brown, Stuart Kauffman, Zoe-Vonna Palmrose and Lee Smolin
Desembre 11, 2008
The economic crisis has to be stabilized immediately. This has to be
carried out pragmatically, without undue ideology, and without
reliance on the failed ideas and assumptions which led to the crisis.
Complexity science can help here. For example, it is wrong to speak of
"restoring the markets to equilibrium", because the markets have never
been in equilibrium. We are already way ahead if we speak of
"restoring the markets to a stable, self-organized critical state."
In the near-term, Eric Weinstein has spoken about an "economic
Manhattan project". This means getting a group of good scientists
together, some who know a lot about economics and finance, and others,
who have proved themselves in other areas of science but bring fresh
minds and perspectives to the challenge, to focus on developing a
scientific conceptualization of economic theory and modeling that is
reliable enough to be called a science.

The Reality Club: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Douglas Rushkoff, Larry
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