12 de novembre 2008

Premi a la lluita contra el canvi climàtic

The FT Climate Change Challenge (12 Nov 2008)
Climate change is widely acknowledged as mankind's most pressing
challenge and what we do in the next few years will determine whether
we can avoid serious impacts.
There's an urgent need for new approaches, new products and services,
to tackle climate change, and Forum for the Future has teamed up with
The Financial Times and HP to unleash the power of innovation by
launching a global competition.
The FT Climate Change Challenge will seek out and showcase the most
exciting innovations - practical ideas which will reduce emissions and
make us more resilient to the change ahead, and which can be
developed, brought to market and scaled up to achieve maximum impact.
The winner, chosen by FT readers and an eminent panel of global
business leaders, innovators and climate change experts, will receive
a $75,000 prize – sponsored by HP - to help develop their product or
service and bring it to market...