01 d’octubre 2008

Cristina Narbona, una heroina del medi ambient (segons 'Time')

L'exministra espanyola de Medi Ambient, Cristina Narbona, considerada
com una heroina del medi ambient per la revista 'Time'

(Secció)Leaders & Visionaries
(article) Marina Silva and Cristina Narbona Ruiz

(Un dels apartats destacats de l'article) " (...) Narbona Ruiz was
never really an outsider; before moving into politics she taught
economics at the University of Seville. But like Silva, Narbona Ruiz
dared to take on powerful interests — in her case, the construction
industry that has paved over much of the country's Mediterranean
coastline. When she became Environment Minister in 2004, she pressed
on with policies that have made Spain a leader in renewable energy.
But Narbona Ruiz's truly heroic moment came when she implemented a
plan to limit construction on the coastline in an attempt to return
Spain's beaches to something more natural. Narbona Ruiz was lauded by
environmentalists, but gained powerful business enemies; when a new
Socialist cabinet was formed in 2008, she found herself out of a job.


Comparada amb l'actual ministra del MMAiMMiR, alguns sectors parlen
ara de Cristina Narbona, santa i martir.