25 de setembre 2008

Medi ambient i ciència en la campanya electoral dels Estats Units. Questionari de la revista 'Nature'

La revista 'Nature' publica aquesta setmana una sèrie de reportatges sobre l'impacte de les eleccions presidencials als Estats Units sobre la ciència i el medi ambient.

Nature Reports Climate Change: Environment and the election

The next US president will have a vital role in determining how the US, and the world, responds to climate change. As the US election draws close, a special package of news features on Nature Reports Change Climate this week looks at where at where the Republicans and Democrats stand on climate and energy.

The special includes a Q&A with the presidential candidates, with direct responses from Barack Obama and summaries of John McCain's stance on the issues. The package also takes a look how the presidential candidates and their running mates have fared historically on climate and energy, and reports on the likely challenges the next president will face in pushing climate legislation through Congress.

Disponible el documento PDF en: http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=F.e017df88-3c24-4eb0-b899-80fbb0a2eb77&hl=en